About Deborah

My name is Deborah Silich and my passion and mission is to find the underlying causes of each client’s health issues and then show my clients how to take control of their health that is long lasting

I trained as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist at the South Pacific College of Natural Therapies in Auckland. I also has a Bachelor of Health Science, Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University of Australia. Deborah is passionate about organic gardening, and educating her clients in the use of food as a medicine. Based in Orewa Deborah works with her patients to help them achieve better health and wellbeing using :

• detailed consultation
• diet analysis
• iridology
• tongue diagnosis
• clinical examination including blood pressure taken
• laboratory testing
• hair analysis food allergies and intollerances.

What will happen at my first consultation You may wonder what will happen during their first visit to Agewell. I use a holistic approach to healing your whole body. To do this I need to take a detailed case history, gathering information about your health complaints but also about the health of the rest of your body It is this detailed case history along with information gathered from blood and other testing and the analysis of your iris, nails and tongue that will determine what I will prescribe for your condition. After your first naturopathic consultation I will gain insight into the underlying causes of your health problem and a have a targeted treatment plan developed for you, aimed at addressing both your symptoms and the cause.

A personal prescription is then formulated, which may involve dietary advice, herbal formula, supplements and lifestyle advice.

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